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Cristiano Ronaldo’s mum suggests he could join Sporting CP in the summer

How annoying is it when your mum starts piping up in front of your mates and embarrasses you?

We know you’re well aware of what we’re talking about, so spare a thought for poor old Cristiano Ronaldo – now there’s a sentence you never thought you’d read.

The Portuguese superstar’s future at Juventus has become a topic of debate in recent months, though you’d be quite entitled to ask ‘erm, why?’.

Ronaldo notched his 100th goal in Juve colours in Andrea Pirlo’s side’s 3-1 win over Sassuolo on Wednesday night – a result they desperately needed as they look to secure their place in next season’s Champions League.

100 goals in 131 games and there’s talk the club could be looking to move him on? Seems a bit weird. While Ronaldo continues to rack up eye-watering figures at the age of 36, it’s the figures on his weekly pay cheque that are the sticking point.

The former Manchester United man earns a reported £400,000-a-week – money that Juventus simply don’t have – leading to speculation they could be looking to offload the veteran frontman in a bid to generate funds to freshen up their squad. Oh and there’s the fact they’ve not even come close to winning the Champions League like they’d hoped when they signed him.

Anyway, so now you know where the speculation has come from, but how’s this anything to do with his mum? Well, that’s kinda the point.

ESPN report that Ronaldo’s mum, Maria Dolores, has insisted the Portugal captain will be heading back to Sporting CP next season, and it doesn’t sound like he’s got much of a say in the matter.

“I’ll talk to him to bring him back,” she told fans from her balcony during Sporting’s title celebrations. “Next year he will play in Alvalade [Sporting CP’s stadium].”

And you thought being embarrassed in front of all your mates was bad. Imagine being embarrassed in front of the world. We reckon there’s a giant, adult paddy coming Mrs Dolores’ way.

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